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Each week, I aim to teach you key principles I've taught to many entrepreneurs about business strategy and marketing to help you grow your business.

    Each week, I aim to teach you key principles I’ve taught to many entrepreneurs about business strategy and marketing to help you grow your business.

      What is it?

      It's a 6-week online training program that teaches you the fundamental principles to build a successful small business. I also offer lifetime access to a private community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

      Who is it for?

      Small business owners, coaches, consultants, artists, and entrepreneurs who are interested in building a simple, yet, highly profitable small business for themselves.

      How does it work?

      I will teach you how to define your dream client, build a solid offer, and market it by teaching you the fundamentals of effective business and brand strategy.


      Small Business Accelerator

      What is it

      It’s a 6-week training program with weekly live coaching calls to keep you accountable for building the business of your dreams. You’ll learn how to define your dream client, productize your offer, determine a content strategy and use a bunch of tools to help you skip years of trials and errors.

      Who is it for

      This program is designed for small business owners, coaches, consultants, and artists who are looking for a simple way to build a profitable business for themselves and their families. Whether you need help clarifying your true passion and purpose, or how to package it under a clear brand identity and a simple offer. This program is for you.

      How does it work

      Within the 6 weeks of the Small Business Accelerator, you’ll be able to go from wantrepreneur to thriving small business owner.

      • During this program, you’ll also be part of a community of entrepreneurs with similar goals.
      • With our weekly Q&A calls, I’ll help you establish and maintain a routine to help you reach your goals.
      • I will be available to assist you via chat on the Skool community
      • You will also be provided with tools to track your growth so that you can build your business on solid foundations.

      How to get started

      If you want to start that business and have a particular set of skills, a passion or a project idea you’d like to monetize, this program is for you. I will personally onboard you and show you how I went from having no money to making $40,000 per month as a small business owner with one high ticket offer.

      Apply now, and I will contact you at your convenience to determine if you are a good fit for the program. If you have any questions, please email hello@simonpaquin.com


      Who is Simon Paquin?

      Hey there, I’m an entrepreneur like you; I’m passionate about helping my clients build small, fun & profitable businesses that work for their lifestyle.

      I love teaching everything there is to know about how to grow a small business.

      From the moment I became a business owner, I knew I wanted to be teaching what I’m learning. I’m the type of guy that reads 50 books a year and loves to tinker in the real world with what I’ve learned. It could be on my own business or my client’s business.

      Honestly, it’s my life’s passion, business that is.

      Having shared my knowledge and guided many entrepreneurs to realize their dreams and build their businesses makes me extremely grateful.

      Some were trying to start their business, while others tried to grow their existing businesses.


      The YouTube Creator Checklist

      What is it?

      It’s a checklist that you’ll want to use while you create your YouTube videos. From research and scripting to publishing, you’ll have a structured way to prepare and execute your YouTube video ideas.

      Get the evergreen checklist now a get free updates for life.

      Who is it for?

      YouTubers who want structure and order in their creative process and stop wasting their time with poorly structured videos that don’t capture their viewers’ attention.

      The Content

      ➯ Growth Strategies
      ➯ Research & Planning
      ➯ Title
      ➯ Shoot Thumbnail
      ➯ Storytelling Tips
      ➯ Writing the Script
      ➯ Before Shooting
      ➯ Reminders while Recording
      ➯ Record A-Roll
      ➯ Record B-Roll
      ➯ Post Sharing Editing
      ➯ Analyzing Data
      ➯ Editing
      ➯ Publishing

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