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Learn the crucial elements on how to boost your online presence and connect with your potential customers. I've used these tips to help more than 100 companies over the last 5 years, building their online brands with social media and getting amazing results.

    In this free guide, you will learn important concepts that I have applied to help build the brand of over 100 entrepreneurs over the past 5 years.

      What is it?

      A 6-month strategic support program to help you develop your brand on social media with impactful content to build your social capital.

      For who?

      For you, the entrepreneur who wants to develop their brand online with the help of a branding specialist.

      I want this!


      By learning the fundamentals of a simple and effective content strategy. We will help you define your dream client and quickly put into practice what you will learn through the program to dominate in your industry online.


      Consulting & Brand Strategy

      Your business deserves to be heard. In the start-up phase? I got you. You have a growing business and you want to attract your dream client? I will guide you through the evolutions of your Brand. We’ll have personalized consulting sessions to do just that. Help you grow with your brand.


      The Branding Program

      Together, we will identify your dream client, design the perfect strategic content plan and present our recommendations to improve your digital presence so that you meet your business goals.

      A monthly strategic meeting with me, your strategist, to discuss your next marketing actions.
      Strategic support for ongoing creative projects to ensure cohesion between your marketing strategy and your marketing efforts.
      Constant optimization of your content strategy on social media.
      A performance report of your content publications.
      Weekly follow-ups with my team to help you maintain consistency in the implementation of your new strategy.
      Access to my private community on Slack.



      Your Branding is more than a logo. It is the manifestation of your business when you sleep. This is what people feel when you share news on your social media, this is their perceptions of your brand.

      It’s a choice of typography to use, colors that represent you, photos you like and more.

      How does it work?

      First, you will receive inspiration mockups. The mockups will be used to direct the graphic style of your new logo. Once the art direction is approved, we’ll create everything you need to deploy your brand online.

      What is included in a branding?

      A consultation with our super designer
      Inspirational moodboard to choose the artistic direction
      Main logo
      The badge (secondary logo)
      Your Brand guidelines including your colour palette and typography
      An inspirational mockup for your social media
      A custom filter for your photos (Lightroom)
      Your social media kit (photo profile & banners)
      Four graphic templates for your social media
      The design of the first 9 social media posts (Photos & Design)



      Your website is your information hub. This is where you communicate with your audience and dream clients first. It’s a tangible representation of your branding and a place where you can capitalize on your marketing efforts.


      Who am I?

      My name is Simon Paquin and I am passionate about supporting entrepreneurs like you to develop their brand online by creating authentic and strategic content.

      Your reputation is your most valuable asset. It is the reason why your customers choose to trust you and buy from you. Since 2016, I have had the chance to help more than 65 entrepreneurs to build their brand online through my coaching program.





      Brands that have trusted me.